Tech work

Since October 2021, I have worked as a Content Writer for cord, a messaging tool for software engineers to find work.

I wrote and published all written content for the Insights Library, a resource for engineers (particularly passive jobseekers) to learn about topics relevant to work: how to find it, how best to perform it, and above all, how to self-reflect and identify their ‘best work’.

I wrote 60 articles, ranging from short-form data-driven pieces on product-derived data (such as average pay and demand for certain skills, and how gender and ethnicity affect this) to long-form pieces, such as a series of Leader Bios based on interviews with inspirational engineering leaders.

I was also responsible for editing cord’s podcast into clips and grouping these by ‘discussions’ on particular topics. Some of the more recent articles include clips from the podcast to evidence the ideas being described.

Some sample pieces that showcase the range of style and topics involved are shown below, but for the full selection please visit cord Insights.

The ingredients of our best work

This article, which features embedded clips from cord’s Best Work podcast, is aimed at software engineers looking for an introspective overview as to what factors they should consider when determining what sort of work they ought to do.

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